Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Angelica Samoan Language week

This morning we had assembly today for Samoan Language week and there were some fantastic dances by all the Samoan people who danced for Pt England School. Three groups  performed and the little kids danced for pt Pt England School and.After that Pt England performed for all of as and next performed was Tamaki College and Melaia sister was in Tamaki College Group.

When I got up this morning

When I got up this morning I was so cold and freezing and my hands were cold. My mum had to go for a run to warm up. After that I got ready for school then my mum came home to get ready for work.  After she was ready we went to the bakery so I could get some breakfast and lunch and I came to school in the car.

Monday, 19 May 2014


I made a raft with my mum and my brother. We made it with some sticks. You need life jackets too.  We put the raft in the water and it floated on the water.

After that me and my family went on the raft and we had picnic and we had fish and chips. They were yum. After that we had a swim. My brother pushed me in the water and then we went home.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Listen to the kids

Lying on their tummies Tasi and Fa’afouina were looking at the silver fish in the sea. Then two grown ups came with their boat  and put it into the sea. Then the boy saw some bubbles up.After that the boys tried to tell the two grown ups that the boat was sinking in the sea. The fish swam away.     
Then the boat sank into the sea.