Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The bat That Walks On the Ground

The Bat That Walks on the Ground 2

Write true or false and the page number where you found the information

The short-tailed bat only lives in New Zealand.
Short-tailed bats like to eat insects and seeds.
Baby bats are called kittens.
Stoats, rodents and cats are predators of short-tailed bats.
The short-tailed bat always sleeps in a colony.
Short-tailed bats are very small.
Short-tailed bats hibernate right through the winter.
Native forest is the bat’s usual home.

Fill in the spaces with these words
The bat’s body temperature cools in the winter.
The bat doesn’t move much in winter to save energy.
The bat grown for six to ten days at a time over winter.
Baby bats are called pups.
Pups are usually born at the hibernates of summer.
A bat is fully beginning when it is two or three months old.

Make words out of the letters in the word  hibernate (don’t google it!)
Bat, ate, it, at, eat, bite, rate, rat, hate, hat, hi, been, be, bee, bate, breathe, beater heat, brain, bit

Show not Tell

I felt angry-
I was in the middle of argument my fists was closed I was so angry that I wanted to punched the wall.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi The Kiwi

Yesterday on Thursday 25th of August we had a husband and wife duo who refer themselves has Hiwi The Kiwi. They live in a caravan the wives name is Mrs Minstrel and the husband name is  Mrs Minstrel .They came to our school because to educate us on when we go fishing he said to as to get a wet towel and put the fish on the wet towel. Because if you carry with no wet towel and carry with your hands it will die. Also Hiwi The Kiwi said that if a bird came you have to get a bucket of water to though at the bird so the bird don’t came and it the fish. Before when they left they sang a song it was  “Kai moana”. Here are the lyrics.I really enjoyed it because the song.

The Best song ever
“Kai Moana fish from the sea, Kaimoana to feed the family,Fish for the future and there will alway be Kaimoana for you and me.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Writing Action

Usain puffing and sprinting as he was running towards the line. Usain bolt’s heart beats fast that he know that he was arriving home with a Gold medal. As the crowed shouted he run over the final line with fatigue and tears. Now Usain bolt win the 2012 olympics. Then after we he won he went celebrate

Usain bolt is a three time gold medalist and he’s been the world champion for the past three olympics. Usain bolt get ready to run . Get mark, get set, go. Then they began and usain flash past as fast as he could. The crowed goes wild as usain bolt runs over the finish line.  Usain done it again and won gold medal at the Rio olympic.

When Usain bolt went past the finish line he look at the crowed as a tear was falling down his cheek because he was so emotional and doing it for his country also he did it for his family to. Usain bolt is a champion at the race because he was filled with happiness because he won the race.

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 10.09.53.png

Friday, 12 August 2016

How To make honey

                                             WALT: Today I was learning how to make honey

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Pest fish

Pest Fish 2
Make some rhyming words
pest     best     chest     jest     nest    rest     test     vest     west                pond     bond     fond     
fish     dish     swish    wish
line     dine     fine   mine    nine     pine     vine     wine
day (make your own rhyming words)

Underline with blue the 2 vowels that are next to each other in these words from the story. The first one is done for you.

because     free     spread     thousands     nuisance     Eamon     piece     green     lead     weights     keep     tie     float     freezing     search     death     pouring     their     disappear     poisonous     scoop     clear     eels     again

Make some sentences using these words
nuisance          fishing          search          tangled

Some time my brother can be a nuisance because when he plays his music so loud I get angry.

When I went fishing I caught a big fish.

When I lost my phone I kept searching for it.

When my mum bush my hair it get tangled.