Friday, 20 May 2016

Wool and Nail Art

Today we were doing Wool and Nail Art It was Fun. First we did was Nailing. Then After when we had  finished Nailing then we put the wool on. Then we had to take a photo. I think that it coo and it feels Fun.    

Monday, 16 May 2016


                                            WALT: Today I was leaning about Ladybird

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

On my first day back of Term 2 we had an Immersion assembly to kick off the term. As we entered the hall a song came on. When the music stopped Team 1’s movie came on and it was about their favourite thing. Ms Wlid’s favourite things is her dog, it is a Chihuahaua and her dog’s name is Joey. Mrs George favourite thing is her Hokey Pokey chocolate. Mrs Lal’s favourite sport is soccer. Ms Dwyer’s favourite thing is doing Ballet. Ms Peck’s favourite thing is a silver bracelet.

Team 2 movie is about Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn. Ms Nalter and Ms wood was spring.Ms Eadie was Winter.Ms Tumahai was Autumn.Ms Szymanik was summer so Team 2 is learning about the seasons.

Team 3 did their movie about grand designs and architecture. The teacher was Mr Moran and Mr Blakey and Mrs Belt and Ms Davis.

Team 4 did their movie about teacher Avengers and they are learning about the superheroes so they have to design their own character,color and draw.

Team 5 did an item about 4 waka are there names are   Hine Moana, Hokule’a Te Aurere and Hikianalia there was a race so who won??? It was Hokule’a but Hine Mana was nearly there.