Thursday, 6 July 2017

Home Learing Week 8

WALT:  Maths focus (as this was the most popular choice from our recent survey!)

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Why should fidget spinners should be banned

Why should fidget spinners should be banned?

because Fidget spinners should be banned because the kids in school don’t focus on learning or the teachers. Also the fidget spinners can spread germs to other people and it could make other people sick.

Also in the Internet it says that fidget spinners started on 1990s and it come along to 2017 and also it should be banned because it can waste your mum and dad money and also it can cause a fight with other people.

A Rugby Timeline

From Kick-Off To Cup - A Rugby Timeline  (School Journal Pt 2 No. 2 2011)

What year did this happen?
Rugby was invented by William Webb Ellis
The first official rugby match in NZ was played in Nelson
A team from New Zealand played 107 games in Britain
The NZRFU was formed
The NZ Maori team played in Australia for the first time
Lui Paewai played for New Zealand at the age of 17
The first ‘All Blacks’ team toured Britain and France
The first Rugby World Cup was won by New Zealand

The first Women’s Rugby World Cup was also won by NZ             

Complex Sentences

Independent and dependent clauses

Unuseless Inventions

Monday, 3 July 2017

Number practice

WALT:Today at school I was learning about Use probability vocabulary to describe the likelihood of events