Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Australia-summer learning journey

I choose Australia…
3 reasons about Australia

1.Why I choose Australia because my brother lives there and the capital  of Australia is Canberra.
2.And it is a beautiful place to live in and in Australia the rules in sports is cricket,football,netball,rugby union, rugby league.
3.It is so quiet in Australia some time’s and also in a Australia it has kangaroo.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Maths Problem Solving

WALT: This math is about Maths Problem Solving it help you work out you problems.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Room's 5 Cybersmart movie

Room’s 5 Cybersmart Movie
The movie was about Cybersmart.
It was based on a act by Simon the message for this movie is about Cybersmart and being on the right track and don’t bring your phone to school because it will affect your learning. It is appropriate for younger children because this will teach them to be Cybersmart.

This Movie about a boy name Simon who went on his phone and being dodge during school time. The boys decided to go to the park before they get snapped.When they got to the park the girls came and they went to play on the field so the girls snapped the boys at the park being dodge so they went to the boys.

After when the girls went to the boys they said that they are going to tell Mrs Fosita so they run and went back to class too tell Mrs Fosita so the boys went after the girl by the time when they got to class they grabbed Vinolia tell her want the boys been up two.So Vinolia went to Mrs Fosita told on the boys and they got in trouble and got in rethink.


Get Your Hands Dirty (School Journal Part 1 Number 4 2009)
Answer these questions from the article
Q.What is sustainable living?
Choose one of the meanings from page 32 and write it here.
A.Looking after the world so it will still be there for our children’s children.
Q. What do the students at Royal Road Primary School put in green plastic buckets?
A.Food scraps
Q. How many bins does each classroom have? (page 23)
Q. Why can’t they put orange peel in the worm farm? (page 25)
A.Because it will make the worms sick.
Q. What do they do with the compost they make? (page 26)
A.Planted more than two thousand plants.
Match these words and their meanings
designing -planning or drawing
separate -take apart and put in different places
scraps -uneaten food
orchard -a place planted with fruit trees
waste -something you don’t want any more
journey -a trip you go on
stakes -sticks used to support something

Make as many words as you can out of the letters in the word sustainable

Friday, 25 November 2016


On Tuesday the 22th of November. The year 7’s went to Rainbows End. When the year 7’s went on the bus some of the people were saying it’s my first time going to Rainbows End, but I said it was my second time there. But it is my three time there actually.

So When the year 7 got to Rainbows End Some of the people started to shake and some people did not shake. It was funny we went inside and went on our first ride and it was my first time on the Bumper boats and I got so so so wet and then after going to the Bumper Boats we went to the Bumper Cart and it was funny we always crash and it was funny.Image result for rainbows endImage result for rainbows endImage result for rainbows end log flumeImage result for rainbows end bumper boatsImage result for rainbows end bumper cart

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Friday, 23 September 2016

Ladybird, Ladybird

Fill in the spaces with words from the article.
Ladybirds are found all over the world .
Many of them are red or orange .
Ladybirds come in other colours too, both with and without spots.
Ladybirds like to eat aphids and other garden pests.
The ladybird glues  eggs under leaves. A week later the eggs hatch into six-legged larvae. They eat about thirty aphids a day.
The larvae grow fast and need to split their skins several times. This is called moulting.
Next it turns into a pupa. After a week or two it becomes a ladybird.

Make some new words
munch     bunch     crunch     hunch     lunch   scrunch   
gobble     bobble    cobble     hobble    nobble     wobble      
ooze     booze snooze        

Did you know what all those words meant? Look up any you don’t know in

Read pages 14 - 15 to find out how the ladybird got it’s name.

Making Honey

Write the numbers to show what happened first, second and so on
Jill put the frames of honey in the extractor.
Jessie helped fill jars with honey to store for the winter or to give away.
Jill put on her special suit.
Jill uses a hot, sharp knife to take off the capping wax.
Jessie turned the handle of the extractor.
Jill lit the smoker so she could puff smoke into the hive to calm the bees.
Jill opened the hive to get the frames of honey out.

Find these words in the story and write the page number
Wax 10 Pohutukawa 8          Sneaked 10
Extractor 10 Community 8 Sting 9
Guard 10           Sieve 10 Queen bee 8


Marama’s Dog (School Journal Part 1 Number 1 2009)
Choose the best word for the spaces from this list
 tail     sticks     grass     dog     knew     patches     roll     beach     tickled          
Marama’s dog had hair that stuck out.
He had black patches and white patches.
The tip of his tail was ginger.
No one knew what breed he was.
Kuri raced with Marama on the beach.
He caught sticks when she threw them.
He sat in the grass with her.
He loved to roll over and have his tummy tickled.

Fill in the spaces by adding endings to these verbs. The first one has been done for you. Be careful, some of them are tricky!


Extra for experts - find words in the story that end with ly (there are 3) and write them here.

Pest Fish

Pest Fish  School Journal Part 2 Number 4 2005
Finish these sentences from the story on pages 7 and 8
Rudd are small
Rudd are called pest fish because they don’t belong in New Zealand
They were brought from England
They kill the native insects and eat the pond pllants.
The boys decide to try making a net from a piece of green shade cloth
They tie lead weights to it to keep it on the bottom of the pond
They also tie plastic bottles to the top of the net so that it well float in the water

Choose the best meaning for these words from the list below
edge - side
pest - belonging to a place
wade - walk through shallow water
expert - someone who knows a lot about something
poisonous -nuisance

native --deadly